Custom-made products

Custom design Custom design Custom design  Internal cooling coil Custom design
Reaction vessel, 50 litres, stirrer seal with shaft Ø25mm and attached slanted stirrer seal with shaft Ø15mm. Pressure vessel 0,5 litres with vertical sight glass and lateral outlet along with a magnetic stirrer seal on the vessel lid and bottom. Conical vessel with helical stirrer for variable working volume. Internal cooling coil Thermally insulated bottom outlet valve

JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH, also manufactures according to your individual specifications and requirements. 

Based on decades-long experience in the manufacturing of apparatuses and vessels, the construction of custom-made reaction vessels is a particular strength of our company. 

For instance we manufacture pressure and vacuum reactors with customized equipment, made of stainless steel and high-quality alloys, according to your specifications. 
Accessories, like thermostats, controllers etc. are manufactured as well.
We manufacture entire pilot plants according to customer specifications.
Due to the modular construction system, the attachments are interchangeable and modifiable. 

Contact us, we are pleased to answer your request. 

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