HiClave™ - High Pressure Stirred Autoclaves

10ml to 20ml high pressure autoclave 100ml to 250ml high pressure autoclave 200ml dual reactor system with controlled gassing and gravimetric dosing
HiClave™ 10ml to 20ml high pressure autoclave HiClave™ 100ml to 250ml high pressure autoclave
HiClave™ 200ml dual reactor system with controlled gassing and gravimetric dosing

HiClave™ high-pressure stirred-tank systems are a proven solution for high-pressure reactions, especially
on multi-phase systems.

They are available in the volume range of 10 to 250 ml, with a maximum pressure of up to 400 bar and
a maximum temperature of up to 400 °C. Thanks to the pure metallic pressure cap seal, the system
achieves a tightness that enables highly accurate measurements of gas consumption. Up to 7 media
connections are possible.

For reactors with over 100 ml capacity, the connections may be partially or fully routed on the
circumference of the cover flange. This allows for better handling and creates more space for peripherals.

Various heating/cooling systems, magnetic stirrers or magnet-coupled overhead stirrers and diverse
forms of gas and liquid supply systems are available.

They may be operated as single and parallel reactor systems. In addition to the standard configurations,
we offer customized systems tailored to your requirements.

The advantages

  • Direct sealing cover (without sealing ring)
  • Open scalable system
  • Simple Handling
  • Cooling option


JuClave™ Ausführungen
Frame Square anodised aluminium profile, stainless steel platform for the reactor
Reactor 10…250 ml stainless steel reactor (optionally in Hastelloy®), 400 bar, 400 °C, rupture disc
Stirrer Stirrer with magnetic coupling, speed 200…1500 rpm, maximum torque 20/50 N cm, including an analogue interface for the speed controller (reactors ≥ 50 ml)
Or: Magnetic heating stirrer with a heating block and magnetic stirring rod (reactors ≤ 50 ml)
Heating/cooling system sleeve/cooling plate (alternatively a cooling loop), operational jacket temperature range 40…400 °C, heating power up to 700 W
Alternatively: Magnetic heating stirrer with a heating block
Sampling Manually using a sampling valve
Gas injection Reaction gas pressure controlled by MFC, including gas consumption measurement, bypass valve
Inerting Inert gas with pressure control, exhaust via high-pressure solenoid valve
Dosing system, gravimetrically controlled HiTec Zang GraviDos® high-pressure dosing system for up to 400 bar, alternatively/optionally a high-pressure pump and a balance
Sensors Internal reactor temperature, jacket temperature, internal reactor pressure, speed, ATR-FTIR
Automation Example of a plant with two autoclaves: HiTec Zang LabManager® 2 with the following equipment: 4 Pt100 temperature measurement inputs, 4 analogue inputs (current and voltage), 4 RS232 interfaces (stirrer, hydration modules), 4 HiTec Zang GraviDos® connections, 8 digital outputs, 2 safety temperature monitors HiTec Zang OS, TFT-Monitor, uninterrupted power supply and a UPS management system, HiTec Zang Labvision® software package with a project module library and HiTec EasyBatch™ This automation system can monitor 2 reactors, an expansion to 4 reactors is possible.
Materials Predominantly stainless steel 1.4571, other types of stainless steel, Hastelloy®

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