Modular vessel construction with tradition

Laboratories, research, development and production require reaction vessels/continuous stirred-tank reactors with volume capacities ranging from millilitres to 128 litres (up to 400 litres upon request) and with pressures up to 150 bar at operational temperatures spanning from -80 °C to 400 °C.

JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH has gathered nearly 90 years of expertise in design, construction and manufacture of
such equipment. As a result of competence and a long-standing experience in manufacturing reactor vessels and their
accessories we can address and materialize your individual requirements. Our modular design and construction
enables us to provide you with high-quality customized solutions that combine solid pricing and reliability.
Therefore it is not surprising that many JUCHHEIM vessels in use, are older than their operators.


We are specialized in the construction of 0,5 litre to 128 litre capacity vessels for the following
application specifications:

  • Vacuum up to 10 - 4 bar
  • Pressure up to 150 bar
  • Temperatures from -10 °C to 350 °C, on request from -196 °C to 400 °C

The main components of a completed plant include:

  • Reaction vessel with accessories
    stirrer seals and stirrers, connectors, outlet valves
  • Auxiliary equipment
    Drive systems, laboratory lifting stages, sample reservoirs, coolers, condensers
  • Temperature control units
    heating circulators, coolers, valves and controllers

Progress through modular design

The requirements our customers have for the reaction vessels are as diverse as the respective processes that
are to take place in them. Over the last decades we developed a modular system with standardised connection
components in order to implement individual solutions efficiently and economically.

The high degree of interchangeability of connecting components, such as Liebig condensers, tube condensers
and various pipe systems, facilitates not only a cost-effective construction of the initial reactor vessel but also
the extension, modification and upgrade thereof. Therefore, it is possible in most cases to deliver the desired
components quickly and economically. Special requests can of course be fulfilled upon consultation.
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As a result of our decade-long experience in the construction of chemical and process engineering equipment,
we are a strong and reliable partner in the design and manufacture according to customer specification. 

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