From the flow chart to the finished plant

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We manufacture chemical and technical pilot plants made of stainless steel and special
alloys according to customer specifications on a laboratory or pilot plant scale with
reaction volumes ranging from millilitres to 150 litres. A pilot plant is used for data
collection, optimization and collection of technical experience in chemical process
management, in order to subsequently produce the optimal product for serial production.


  • Chemical development

  • Process development

  • Verfahrensoptimierung

  • Process optimization

  • Biomass research

  • Biopolymer research

  • Biofuel research

  • Biorefinery research

  • Petrochemical research

  • Petrochemical development

  • Corrosion test

  • Reaction calorimetry

  • Scale-up

  • Pilot-Plant

  • Mini-plant

  • Small-scale production

  • Training


  • Polymerization

  • Distillation

  • Extraction

  • Hydrogenation 

  • Synthesis

  • Crystallization 

  • Zeolite synthesis

  • Nanoparticle synthesis

  • Oxygenation

Process engineering operations

  • Blending

  • Dissolution

  • Fusing

  • Suspension

  • Emulsification

  • Extraction

  • Homogenisation

  • Gassing


Send us your technical specifications or your P&I diagram

As a result of our long-standing experience, we have a large database of numerous pressure
and vacuum vessels with standardised components, so that we can plan your customized plant
appropriately. Considering your requirements, we will then prepare a detailed offer.

Juchheim plant construction
Stainless steel pressure reactor with distilling link 2 litres tripod system
Customized fully automated 5 litre pressure plant with distilling link and electric reactor lift Tripod system with reactor lift and Juvo-thermostat.
Three-stage pressure plant
Customized, fully automated three-stage pressure plant with reactor weighing

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