O-Ring, Slide Ring and Magnetic Stirrer Sealings

Stirring shaft for glass vessels with standard ground joints Stirring shaft with metric screw thread Stirring shaft with standard ground joint Stirrer seal with flange
ATEX-compliant stirring shaft Stirring shaft with integrated drive
for glass vessels with standard ground joints
with metric screw thread with standard ground joint with flange 16 N cm
ATEX-compliant with integrated drive

The stirring shaft respectively the stirrer seal is a key component of a pressure or vacuum reactor as it ensures the
tightness of the rotating agitator shaft. Stirrers are important for mixing.

JUCHHEIM stirring shaft seals with a magnetic coupling or a slide ring seal can even fulfil extreme requirements.

Our magnetic stirrer seals transmit torques up to 32 N m at 250 °C, respectively up to 350 °C when cooled.

Detailed information concerning our stirrer seal couplings (magnetic stirrer seals and slide ring), can be found in
our catalogue excerpts.

Juchheim-Stirrer seals (3,1 MB)

Juchheim-Couplings and safety equipment (2,1 MB)

Juchheim-Stirring elements (2,1 MB)

Juchheim-Standard ground joint stirrer seals with stirring elements (2,1 MB)

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