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JUCHHEIM has a wide range of stirrer drives, stirring elements, stirrer shafts and accessories to guarantee an optimal
adaption to each specific application.

Juchheim stirrers are utilized in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, cosmetics, paints and varnishes,
plastics, biofuels, wastewater, raw materials, foodstuffs, mineral oils & greases, paper and pulp production and metal processing. Different designs are required depending on the application. Stirrer in ATEX design can be used in explosive environment. Special versions i.a. like gas agitators and stirring elements with scrapers are available.

A stirrer consists of the following components:

  • an electric or pneumatic drive
  • potentially a gear drive with a manual speed setting
  • potentially with an electronic speed control and a stirrer speed and torque monitor
  • potentially a stirring cardan which compensates for an offset between the stirrer and the stirring shaft
  • a stirrer shaft for the hermetic sealing from the environment
  • a stirring blade for the optimal mixing of the reacting agents

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