Stirring drives


The stirring drives are equipped with a continuously variable mechanical transmission or
an electronic speed control. The electronic version can be controlled via an automation system.

Additionally, the stirring drives may be equipped with a torque measurement which provides a
torque-proportional signal for the automation system. This signal is very helpful for tracking the
reaction process and identifying the reaction phases for polymerisations, as well as for the
detection of dissipations in the reaction calorimeter and the determination of rheological material
properties. Furthermore, this toque-proportional signal is essential for scale-up experiments.

ViscoTrol™ stirring drive The ViscoTrol™ stirring drive is available in the power spectrum of 350 Watt up to 10 kW. Through a data interface connected to an automation system, the speed can be set and the torque monitored.



ViscoVar™ stirring drive ViscoVar™ stirring drive with a continuously variable transmission.



ViscoVar™ stirring drive with bevel gear ViscoVar™ stirring drive with bevel gear.



ViscoPakt®-rheo series

The ViscoPakt®-rheo series with its precision torque measurement for torques of 7 to 110 N cm.



ViscoPakt®-integra The ViscoPakt®-integra is a complete drive unit with a stirrer seal.

Stirrer seals

A comprehensive selection of stirrer seals for every conceivable application can be found here.

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