Swap™ glass and metal reactor systems

Swap System: Glass

Swap stainless steel
Swap stainless steel with insulation
Swap™-glass borosilicate glass
Swap™-stainless stainless steel 
Swap™-stainless-i with insulating jacket 


JUCHHEIM Swap™ glass and metal pressure reactor systems support the use of interchangeable glass and metal
pressure reactors of different volumes while retaining the cover together with the remaining assembly. The frame
surrounding the reactor is designed for splinter protection. High-torque stirring drives with magnetic coupling,
provide efficient stirring and blending. 

Available for the various applications are propeller, anchor, helical, and Intermig stirrers, as well as impellers,
Rushton turbines and custom designs with or without a baffle.

Swap™ glass and metal pressure reactor systems can be equipped with distilling units, dosing units for gasses, liquids
and solids, filtering units, automation systems and more.

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