JUCHHEIM circulation thermostats, due to their compact design,
provide the unique advantage that they can be integrated directly
into a plant. Thanks to the glandless design they are suitable for a
continuous smooth operation at temperatures of up to 350 °C.

JUCHHEIM thermostats are used for precise heating:

  • in the laboratory and in pilot plants for the heating of measuring
    instruments, jacketed reaction vessels, autoclaves and

  • for the overheating protected and accurate heating of plastic
    processing machines, such as extruders, presses, injection
    moulding machines, outlet nozzles or extrusion heads of large
    injection moulding machines

  • in high vacuum thin-film evaporator plants

  • for the isothermal conducting of chemical reactions.  


Since the heat transfer fluid’s volume is very low, a rapid switching between heating and
cooling is possible.

In order to carry out exothermic reactions you can obtain counterflow coolers as an accessory,
which are controlled either manually or by a solenoid valve. The counterflow cooler, once
installed into the feed pipe, promptly cools the heat transfer fluid to facilitate a fast dissipation
of the reaction heat.

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Juchheim, thermostats and controllers

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